Ky. Court of Appeals issues stay in favor of Kenton Co. Public Library

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The Kentucky Court of Appeals has issued a “stay” to the Kenton County Public Library in the lawsuit filed against the Library by Tea Party activists. This means that Library’s funding will stay intact until a decision on the case is made. This is very good news for the library.

In their lawsuit, Tea Party activists sought to immediately cut the Library’s funding in half and they continue to fight for these cuts in the Court of Appeals. If successful, this could mean the possibility of one or several of the following:

  • Closing of a least one branch facility.
  • Massive staff lay-offs.
  • Reduced hours and days of operation.
  • Reduced material acquisitions (including books and electronic resources).
  • Complete elimination or significant reduction in programming, training, and outreach to schools and other community groups.

However, the battle is not over. This stay is temporary and the Library’s appeal of the Kenton Circuit Court finding in favor of the Tea Party is still on appeal and will be decided by the Kentucky Court of Appeals at some time in the future.

Please see Lawsuit Ramifications for more information about the lawsuit. See Court Order to read the Court of Appeals order granting the stay to the Kenton County Library.


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